07 March 2012

A Gyro in Wroclaw

When I went to my cousin's wedding in Wroclaw, Poland, my cousins decided to take me to a local "Gyro" restaurant.

The place wasn't large but was clean.  The name was something like "New York Cafe" and the "Gyros" served were unusual compared to the gyros I had in Paris and in Baltimore's Greektown.

The gyro had corn, pickles, and cabbage in it and the sauce, which I assumed would be tsatziki, was something else.

It turns out, it was something like this...

It was delicious, but I was unprepared for it to be different.  Now, looking back it makes sense as being a bit of a "fusion food" gyro made to appeal to Polish palates.  This is, after all, done by all ethnic groups when cooking in a different country.

When I showed my Greek bosses the flyer from New York Cafe and told them about it, they started ranting about how "nothing was sacred with those people" and started yelling in Greek.  I don't know what that was about, I won't even pretend to care.  After all, Greek is not Polish is not West African.

Na razie...

Or, perhaps, I should say Smacznego...

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