06 April 2012

Easter Cake - Mazurek Krolewski

If you are looking for an Easter cake recipe to make this year, please check out the Embassy of Poland, Washington DC's Easter newsletter for my recipe and many other useful stories.

The recipe is a bit time consuming but well worth it.  Easter in Polish culture is traditionally about the coming of Christ, the end of Lent and fasting, the coming of Spring and all the celebration this entails.

A Mazurek Krolewski (pronounced Mah-zur-ehk Krool-ev-skee) is typically made with almonds and decorated with chocolate, jams, berries, various nuts, powdered sugar, whatever your family enjoys.

I topped our Mazurek this year with a chocolate glaze, royal icing, sliced strawberries and crushed hazelnuts.

As I was preparing to decorate it, my six year old informed me that the theme for this year's cake was "April Showers bring May Showers" and I went from there.  Typically, I decorate with a raspberry jam, powdered sugar, raspberries and dots of chocolate glaze, but I love having my children involved in cooking and keeping them excited about a tradition.

Since my 2 year old ate some of the decorated cake, we will be decorating another one for Easter.


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Verena said...

How exciting that your recipe is in the Newsletter! I just read it!
Have a wonderful Easter time!


Marta said...

Your cake looks absolutely beautiful there is no way that I could recreate that. I looked at your recipe and it seemed like so much effort to exert. Can;t I just use vanilla and almond extract? I'm sure it wouldn't be as good :-)

Brandie said...

That cake looks delicious. And I love how you decorated it (and why you did it that way).
Have a wonderful weekend. and a great Easter.

Unknown said...

Thanks, ladies!

Marta, you can make it any way you like, the recipe I shared was just one version. Although, if you could use crushed almonds, that would be important in this recipe. Other versions of mazurek include substituting the almonds for walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. There is another version without nuts in it. Enjoy and Wesołych Allelujah!

Hermosa said...

It's look very nice. I'm going to try this ! ;)