13 April 2011

Remembering Katyn and Smolensk

We had the privilege of visiting the Katyn Memorial in Baltimore at the time of the Polish people's mourning over the Smolensk tragedy.  

Many walked up throughout the days, bending on their knees and crossing themselves, placing flowers with reverence around the monument. 

My older daughter skipped around, proclaiming that the flowers were beautiful.  She didn't understand.  Mama cried quietly.  Baby was in my sling, snuggled close and sleeping obliviously.

I had missed the commemorative ceremony for the local community without knowing it, although I was an active member of one of the local Polish churches.

I always marvel at the beauty of this monument.  Yes, it's modern art, many don't like that.  But it happened in modern times and needed that to be a part of the monument.  Also, the symbolism in this monument is very touching.

May the victims of both tragedies Rest In Peace and know that they will always be remembered...

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Anonymous said...

It's really nice, the monument. At least from what we can see on the photos. I'm sure it makes a whole more impression if you're actually there. As for me, the Katyń monument that moves me the most is the one in Kraków. It's a simple, wooden cross with golden inscription "Katyń 1940 1990" (the second date is of course the date of making the monument). It seems like nothing, but in its simplicity and minimalism, there is something that deeply touches me.