23 June 2011

A Dirty Hippy Husband, His Polish American Wife, and James Brown

Initally, I wasn't really not sure why I asked. We were driving to my husband's marathon this past weekend and it was a long drive.

I turned to him and asked, "Have you ever had anyone ask you why you married me?"

His expression said it all, "Huh? No. That's weird."

In complete honesty, "I can name probably 10 people in the past few months who have asked me that about us. Saying that they can't figure out how you and I got together because we are such opposites."  I prepare to list the people for him.

My husband, "Really? Nobody ever says that to me."

I turn to him, "Seriously? Some of them tell me they asked you the same thing."

My husband, "Nope. Can't recall anyone asking me that."

"Not even so-and-so from older daughter's school?"

My husband, possibly telling the truth right now, "I don't pay attention."

"Really? Because we are a weird combo, don't you think?"

My husband, "So? Who cares?"

"You mean, you don't care that you and I are a weird combo?"

He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly, "Nope. Don't care. It works for us."

I look at him sideways, trying to read his expression. He looks as though I had asked him whether it bothered him that we didn't like the same ice cream.

I glance at our two gorgeous children sleeping in the backseat (future Miss Poland candidates, in case you don't follow me on Twitter), and listen to a James Brown song he has playing on the radio.

I go back to daydreaming about anything to tune out "Super Freak", even doing math off the top of my head. That was probably the reason I drilled him.

I wonder if other multicultural couples have this same sort of situation...

Edit:   I have been informed that "Super Freak" is Rick James by Smells of Borscht (Bill), who I follow because he and his wife remind me of my husband and myself.  To which, I say, Rick James?  Really?  Dang... Oh well!  Pssssh, like my husband can tell the difference between Tchaikovsky and Bach!


Bill said...

My wife likes the part of the chicken wing with two bones, and I'll only eat the one bone pieces. It was only then that I knew we were destined to be together.

no, in all seriousness, we are COMPLETELY different. in almost every way imaginable. but somehow...it just works. impossible to explain why. I think we just love each other so madly and intensely, that her complete bone-headed insanity doesn't get to me that badly.

(psst - btw, super freak was rick james)

Rachel said...

I'm the hippie in my marriage. I reckon one hippie per marriage is enough, otherwise both spouses would be too preoccupied with daydreaming and making organic apple butter to actually look after their marriage.

Different is good :)