24 June 2011

Slimak, Slimak: Polish Children's Rhyme

My daughters love this rhyme and sign it every time they see a snail. 

One of the fondest memories I have of either of them singing it is from when I took my older daughter to Poland to bury my Dziadek.  At my cousin's garden, a mulch pile was covered in big fat snails.  They were the snails which are regularly harvested in Poland for the French.

My cousin's daughter quickly squatted down to be close to the snails and sang:

Ślimak, ślimak wystaw rogi,
Dam ci sera na pierogi,
Jak nie sera, to kapusty,
Od kapusty będziesz tłusty

My older glanced at me and I translated for her:

Snail, Snail, show your horns,
I'll give you cheese for pierogi,
If not cheese, then cabbage,
From cabbage you'll be fat...

She promptly squatted down next to her cousin and they chanted the rhyme together again.

I turned my pregnant eyes from the snails after whispering, "You be glad I have no butter and garlic on me right now."

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